This is the time of the year where we move our parties out doors. Pool parties, BBQs, dinner parties and so on. Here are some tips and inspiration to make that party a total success!

Your best bet with food is to stick to things you can make or at least prep ahead of time that will be fine sitting outside (possibly in the sun). You can stick to cold foods or use the grill for hot foods. Make sure there is plenty of water so no one becomes dehydrated.  Fun shapes and bright colors are very appealing to the eye; try fruit kabobs, cookie cutter sandwiches, green salads etc. Unless guests will be eating at a table, forks and knives can be tricky to use outdoors so finger food is a great idea. Popcorn, for example, comes in many different flavours and is easy to eat outside. If you are using throwaway plates or utencils look into recycled/biodegradable ones like these.  Keep in mind, you can often buy glass straws or plastic plates for almost the same price as the cardboard ones so they may be worth it in the long run (and more eco-friendly)! Try place cards for food dishes so guests know what everything is. Another fun idea is to freeze fruit into your ice cubes.
Look for fun details that people will remember like mustache glasses! Blankets, chairs and pillows are all great for outside. A patterned table cloth can add some visual interest- check out this tutorial! Washi tape is very versatile and can be used to just about anything, especially smaller items like glasses. Domes will protect food from bugs; try glass for a more sophisticated look.  Try hanging up a banner or some lights. Drink carts not only come in handy outside but look great!
Bugs are a bit of an unwelcome party guest but there are safe, more natural ways to keep these guys at bay. You can make your own bug spray or buy one and keep it out for guests to use.  Check out more options at Good Housekeeping.
Games can be fun for people of all ages and encourage everyone to interact with one another. Try lawn bowling, croquet, bocce, bean bag toss, ladderball, horsehoes etc. If you have less room there are always card and board games!  You can also have interactive items like water guns, frisbees and beach balls on hand rather than more structured games.
Don’t Stress
Try a handy timetable to make party planning less stressful.  And remember, your guests are there to socialize more than anything else… the rest is just a bonus!  Prepping a lot beforehand should help allow you to relax and enjoy the party when the time comes.