I have belonged to a women’s networking group called ewomen business network  (“e” stands for entrepeneur”) for about 4 years.  There are chapters all over Canada and the US.  The founder is Sandra Yancy, who started the first group in Dallas, Texas 15 years ago.  She saw the need to start a new kind of networking group for women that would focus on helping others.  In fact their motto is “give first, share always”.  This, along with their very unique accelerated networking format that they use in the monthly meetings, the fantastic speakers they provide and the many ways that they give back to communities attracted me to this group.  There are chapters all over North America.

Every year they host a 4 day conference in Dallas.  This year I finally had the opportunity to go!  It was a truly rewarding, enriching experience.  Over 1000 attendies, all business women (and a few men, brave souls) and everyone I met was eager to get to know you and help you in any way they could.  Just amazing.  |And the energy!  With keynote speakers like Brendon Burchard (The Charge), Lisa Nichols (the Secret), and Janet Attwood (The Passion Test) you couldn’t help but get inspired and enthused about your business and about life!  I made some great new friends and my brain is buzzing with new ideas for my business.

Some members from Victoria, BC, Canada
Lisa is a great speaker and an amazing business woman.

Brendon Burchard – very funny and very smart.  He’ll help you feel “charged” all the time!

Lisa Nichols was my favorite of all the speakers.  If you ever get a chance to see her, go!

 If you belong to this networking association, I would love to hear your comments.  If you would like to know more about it, leave a comment and I will answer.