Summer’s here and the living is easy…isn’t that how it goes?  Well, let’s hope we all get at least some time to relax and enjoy beautiful weather and summertime activities.  And here are some trends in case you feel like making your home feel a little more summery too!

1. Hand Crafted Designs  –
These doors are a good example of adding hand-crafted elements to your home.  Shop for artisans in your area or check out etsy – always a great source for hand-crafted items.

source: inspiracionline

2. White

find it here! – theinglenookdecor

Adding white vases, flowers, dishes and table linens to your home will always make it feel more summery!

3. Exotic Patterns Inspired by Morocco

I saw bold colours like this fuschia pink, combined with reds and oranges all over Paris.

4. DIY (do it yourself) and Using Re-Purposed Objects and Materials

copper tubing table – design sponge

The green trend continues  – it’s now very chic to use recycled or re-purposed materials in your home.  Just make sure the look is raw, simple and either rustic or modern.  For some great how-to’s to inspire you to make something for your home, have a look at my pinterest page!

5. Hottest Colours!


What is your favorite trend or colour for Summer 2012?  Have you incorporated any in your home?