Enjoy these free products for Earth Day!

  1. Get a free tree at Lowe’s! They have a million to give away on April 23rd.
  2. Enjoy a free coffee at Starbucks using a re-useable cup on the 22nd.
  3. Most National Parks in the US have free entry on Earth Day!
  4. Free Tote on the 22nd for the first 50 customers at Jo-Ann Fabrics, between 1pm-3pm at Michaels (kids only) and when you bring in 5 plastic bags to the Disney Store.
What else can you do to celebrate Earth Day? Let’s see…
  • Plant something! Even if you don’t have a yard, you can grow plants/herbs indoors. Check out this indoor herb set on sale at EcoBold.
  • Collect bottles to recycle or pick up trash. Get friends, family and kids involved! You could even make a contest out of it.
  • Go vegan… for a day…a week…forever? A vegan lifestyle is good for the environment in so many ways.
  • Unplug. Try spending the day using as few electronics and power as possible! Camping indoors anyone?
  • Donate to an eco-friendly charity.
  • Avoid driving anywhere. If you can, walk or bike! Maybe you can carpool?
  • Eat locally grown natural foods.
  • Oh and check back here for a fun giveaway…  😀