Here are some ways to “go green” to celebrate today.

Make your own version of the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake- healthier!
Or you could just make a yummy green smoothie or green juice!
Many artificial green dyes are not good for you (green dye #3 is banned in Maryland, USA!) so why not try a natural dye like this? Then you can enjoy your green beer worry-free!
Wear your eco-friendly clothing today for a fun play on “wearing green”.
Forget food dye and eat foods that are naturally green! You can always make it in a new way, like this beer battered parsley broccoli or using a green pepper as a clover
Why not go green by planting something? Now is the time to plant bulbs if you want beautiful flowers this Summer!
Go green…go eco-friendly! Try making the switch to energy saving lightbulbs or using only rechargeable batters, so much better for the environment!
 (I use this brand; highly recommend! Not all batteries are created equal)
No matter what you do to celebrate today, enjoy yourself and stay safe!