Flats are a go to shoe for a lot of women. They are comfortable, always in style and easy to wear with a variety of outfits.  Well, did you know you could be buying flats made of recycled materials? Check these out!

The Burke by North Face
100% recycled canvas strips, ecoOrtholite footbed, 30% recycled rubber outsole and 70% recycled board.
Hot News flats by All Black
Made with just 3 1/2 pages of Chinese newspapers they are each one of a kid. They are not made in a factory but are handwoven.
Made from burlap and of course, as with all TOMS shoes, for each one bought one is donated to a child in need.
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Made in Ethiopia these are made with factory scrap fabric, ethically tanned sheepskin leather and recycled car tire tube.
Vegan and made with 100% recycled materials