To upcycle is to take something you already own and turn it into something else! Basically it’s DIY but using things you already own. It’s very eco-friendly! I’ve been collecting a lot of upcycling projects lately and though I’d share them here.

  1. Turn a bike tube into a wallet
  2. Turn a used bird seed bag into a cute reusable bag for yourself
  3. Paint a chair
  4. Turn a bra strap into a headband
  5. Turn old silk scarves into pillows
  6. Turn an old sweater into a pet bed
  7. Turn wine bottles into vases
  8. Turn a belt into a leather cuff bracelet
  9. Use plates and candle stick holders to create a cupcake stand
  10. Use a 20oz soda bottle as a pasta measurer 
  11. Make your own jewelry
  12. DIY necklace