Today I have a tutorial for you!  I haven’t made many tutorials before so I hope it makes sense. If you have any questions, just leave a comment!  This is how to make a fabric bow. American Apparel sells something similar for $14!
You will need: 
fabric, iron, hot glue gun, marker, ruler or measuring tape and scissors.

 Step 1: Iron your fabric so it’s all smooth and flat. You will want your fabric to be wrong side up for this tutorial.

Step 2: Measure the width you want. I made mine 5″ but you can do any size depending on how big or small you want your bow to be. You are creating a rectangle shaped piece of fabric.

 Step 3: Measure the length (height in this pic) you want. I made mine 7″.  Just remember that the length will determine how fat or skinny your bow is.  If you want it be skinnier, add more length.

Step 4:  Now we’re going to make a long skinny piece. Measure the width. Mine is 1″.

 Step 5:  Measure the height. Mine is 5″.

 Step 6: Cut those two pieces out. It should look like this.

Step 7:  Take your large piece of fabric. Fold your long edges in about 1/2″. Iron this flat.

Step 8: Fold the ends (not the ones you just folded) in so that they meet in the middle. Iron these flat.

 Step 9: Fold in the short ends of your small piece and iron.

Step 10: Fold in the long ends to the middle and iron.

Step 11. Now you want to pinch your rectangle in the middle, scrunching it. It will form a bow shape. This can be a bit tricky but try to get the sides to look even.

Step 12: Use your glue to attach the folds. It doesn’t have to look perfect as we are going to cover it up.

Step 13: Take your long skinny piece and wrap it around the center scrunched part of the bow. You want the end of the skinny piece to start in the back so glue it down first and then wrap the rest around. You will end up with some extra at the end. Glue it where it meets the center in the back of the bow (where the wrap started) and then just cut off the extra. IMPORTANT: if you are going to use bobby pins to wear this in your hair, make sure you leave room for it to slip through the wrapped piece. Just add that first bit of glue leaving a space for a bobby pin.

You’re finished!
Here are a few others I made. You can see that I varied the sizes.

Here you can see how I attach bobby pins. For the smaller bows, I just use one. The bobby pins are not glued on so I can take them out as I please.  Another option is to glue a hair clip to the back! You could also use a safety pin and wear this on a shirt. Another option is to loop a skinny belt through it; this would work with larger bows.