I read today at prweb about these new eco-friendly outdoor lights that are completely off the grid!

Urban Green Energy, which is a leader in using wind energy, first installed the Sanya hybrid solar street lamp back in December. It has been very successful.

 The Sanya

The new version is called “The Boardwalk”.  Both the Sanya and The Boardwalk use wind and solar energy with a LED light and solar panel. They even have a backup system that stores energy for future use!

The Boardwalk

Can you imagine if streets all over the country used these?  We would be such more kinder to our environment and save a ton on utility bills! I get really excited when I read about things like this because it just makes the future look so bright. It also gives me pride in our human race; that we can work together create something positive and useful.

Find out more at Urban Green Energy.