Often when we are planning new window treatments, we forget about the hardware.  Drapery hardware is just as important as the draperies!

Curtain rods and finials should coordinate with the drapery fabric.

Buckingham, by Kirsch

Wood Trends, by Kirsch

 Heavier drapes such as velvets should be on a large and somewhat decorative rods while light silks and sheers can sit on light-weight and more dainty rods. That said, they should also “match” the rest of the room. Make sure they connect to something in the room. For instance, if you’ve got brushed metal light fixtures, a drapery rod in the same finish would look great.  If your decorating style is very relaxed and informal, choose drapery hardware that is simple and unpretentious.

Shaughnessy Collection, by Textile Trimmings

The finials at the end of your curtain rod can provide the perfect finishing touch. Remember, a great room is all about the details.

Curtains Up Accessories, by Textile Trimmings