I’ve been working on getting my “office” organized. Okay, I don’t really have an office but I do have files and a desk that is mostly cluttered with art supplies and papers.  So, I’ve been window shopping to see what sort of organization/storage supplies I want.  Naturally, I had to check out some eco-friendly options!

I plan on storing a lot of paperwork, the stuff we need more regular access to like my husband’s medical records and other Marine Corps paperwork) in a binder.  I love this option made from 100% recycled paper!  It is vinyl and dye free.  buy
I’m a list-maker. I make grocery lists, wish lists, to do lists, goal lists… lots of lists!  So I have quite a few notebooks. Next time I need a new one, I think I’ll go for this sugar cane paper version, printed with vegetable and water based inks.  buy
This is what I’ll be using to organize a lot of are paperwork, the kind you rarely need to access. These file folders are made from recycled paper. buy
Recycled paper clips! Made from recycled materials. Did you know you can turn any regular paper clips into adorable heart shaped paper clips? DIY!  buy
Here’s another option for storing papers. I like this pretty pale green shade; made from 100% recycled materials. buy
These work in any printer. They’re made from recycled paper, chlorine-free paper and the water-based adhesive is 100% recyclable.  buy
Envelopes made of 100% post-consumer material with no added chlorine.  I actually think these would make a nice gift for any occasion because who doesn’t need envelopes?  Great way to help others to be more eco-conscious!