Today in eco-friendly news…

  • Get $40 worth of eco-friendly jewelry from for only $20 here.
  • A new eco-friendly site for dog owners!! has everything from healthy food (like Orijen!) to toys to beds.
  • Starting in June, Heinz will be switching over to a plant based bottle like Coca Cola has been using for years. The bottles are made from sugarcane ehthanol from Brazil as well as conventional plastic.
  • Oscar winner Colin Firth and his wife wore eco-friendly clothing to the Academy Awards this year!  His was designed by the amazing Tom Ford with organic clothing while hers was made of recycled dresses. Natalie Portman also wore eco-friendly clothing along with vegan shoes; she never wears anything from an animal.
  • The iWave Grass Roots headphones are eco-friendly! They also have a microphone so they work with phones.
  • The 3rd annual Green Wine Summit was held recently in Santa Rosa, California. The two day event had over 200 attendees including wine makers, sales and marketing representatives, wine club managers, bloggers and soil engineers!