First part of creating an eco-friendly bathroom means taking a look at the fabrics you use along with shower products.  Look for towels made from organic cotton or hemp, cork bath mats as well as soaps, scrubs and body washes with natural ingredients.  Avoid plastics or items that will quickly be thrown away (and not decompose). There are a ton of options out there for eco-friendly options right now.  Even common brands like Garnier Fructis carry a more Earth friendly line of shampoo and conditioners and at a very low price. Check out more great finds below!

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1. 100% cotton towels.  2. chloride and ordor free linen shower liner  3. organic body butter  4. organic jasmine green tea bath salts 5. Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Fortifying Shampoo “94% Biodegradable | No Silicone – No Paraben – No Dye” (I use this and LOVE it)  6. bamboo wood bath mat  7. natural deodorant containing no parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, petro-chemicals or phthalates.  8. if you bathe your dog, there is also eco-friendly dog shampoo  9. organic conditioner  10. organic conditioner containing no synthetic colors, pH balanced, 100% vegetarian ingredients and no animal testing