Do you enjoy fashion shows?  Attending NYFW (New York Fashion Week) is on my bucket list but until I make that dream a reality, I enjoy pouring over the various looks over at  One show in particular that caught my eye recently was the line Organic by John Patrick for Fall 2011 Ready to Wear.  It’s always refreshing to see an organic line, I think. They are definitely more common these days but still not the norm (yet!).

According to,  Patrick himself is quick to point out: “Organic is fashion first”” andlike any good designer, Patrick is looking to the future. “I’m considering now what my next move is,” he said. “Whether it’s a beauty product, shoe, or intimate apparel.”” His F2011RTW line featured masculine pieces like wool trousers as well as more feminine sheer floral skirts; a wide array of looks that could appeal to most anyone.  I love the mixture of thick sweaters with a flouncy skirt or leather shorts with rubber boots.  This line manages to look both fun and sophisticated at the same time.  

Here are a majority of the looks from the runway: 

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I hope one day we can see big name designer like Karl Lagerfield using more organic fabrics in their lines.  Whether or not you enjoy fashion shows, they are the initial inspiration behind whatever we wear. It all begins at shows like these and then trickles down to smaller chain stores found in the average Canadian/American mall.  Of course, stores like H&M have already introduced organic clothing lines which are much more accessible to the average person!  Organic clothing is readily available to us all, you just have to know where to look.