I’ve gathered some tips on how to make the transition in your home from Winter to Spring.  Even if you live somewhere that is warm all year round, it’s fun to incorporate the current Season into your interior decorating.  The most important thing, I think, is to let the natural light into your home but there are many more things you can do.  Even a few changes here and there can be a big impact. 
  • Incorporate lighter shades like a baby blue throw or cream curtains
  • Arrange a fruit basket as a centerpiece using fresh in-season produce
  • Switch heavy fabrics like tweed and velvet out for fabrics that are light and breezy
  • Re-think your rugs. If you have big heavy or even small cozy rugs put them in storage and try using cotton or sisal rugs during Spring/Summer.
  • Make your porch the place to be.  Try outdoor furniture, hanging picture frames in the area, colourful throw pillows etc.
  • Sheer fabrics are great during the warmer months. Everything from curtains to table cloths to bedskirts!
  • Bring the outside in. The best way to get a seasonal feel in your home is to work with what is outdoors. Make flower arrangements out of wild flowers or bring in some potted plants.
  • Look for accessories featuring birds, flowers and butterflies.