The last couple weeks I talked about how to choose window coverings for your home.  Now I would like to let you know about some of the great eco-friendly choices for window coverings that are available.

Tab top curtains made from hemp/cotton by NikkiDesigns

First, my favorite, roman shades!
If you have decided on using roman shades, find someone (like me) who can make them for you out of organic, sustainable or  eco-friendly fabric.  Or you can make them yourself.   I have given instructions here in a past article. Some of my favorite fabrics to use are hemp, organic cotton and linen. Roman shades made from hemp or heavy-weight organic cotton provide great insulation, look great, and won’t off-gas like blinds made from PVC (polyvinylchoride) can.

Roman shades made from hemp twill, by NikkiDesigns

In Canada, it can be hard to find good sources for organic fabrics, but here are a few that will ship to Canada:,,,,
I also sell some fabrics through my etsy shop:

100% hemp in dark chocolate
Linen/cotton in pottery blue and cream.

You can also find some eco-friendly roller blinds, made from non-toxic materials.  One that I supply is by Canadian Blind Manufacture, out of Richmond, B.C.  They are available in several natural colours and are “green assured”, meaning that only environmentally friendly, recyclable, non-toxic, raw materials are used in their production.

I also supply horizontal blinds made from bamboo, by J Ennis Fabrics


Another alternative for eco-friendly window coverings is draperies made from organic fabrics.  Organic linen, hemp, tencel, and organic cotton are all great choices.  Lining your draperies with organic lining will increase the life of the draperies, make them hang better, and provide more insulation for your window.