Happy Valentine’s Day!!  I have a romance inspired DIY post for you all today.  This floral wreath can work all year round but I think it’s especially nice for February, Spring and Winter.  If you want to make a larger 18″ wreath, you’ll need more glue and 24 sheets of felt.  This project is quick, easy and inexpensive!  Have fun!

Felt Rose Wreath

  • 5 9×12 sheets of felt (any colour but I used white)
  • Hot glue gun + two glue inserts
  • Scissors
  • Cd or other round shape to trace
  • Wreath (I used the smallest size at Michaels for 79cents)
1. Start by folding a single sheet of felt in half.
2. Fold in half again.

3. Trace or cut around the shape of the cd. It won’t fit perfectly so just go around and trim your circles after. They don’t have to be perfect!
4. The large circle is from the CD. I also made some smaller circles with leftover scraps.

5. Now layer two circles (of the same size) or one at a time and cut into swirls. You can cut off the circle in the center, if you’d like. Experiment with different sized swirls to create various sizes of roses. 
6. With one swirl, start rolling beginning in the center and following the shape of the swirl. Try to keep the bottom/skinny end flat. This can take a bit of practice but eventually you’ll figure out the easiest way to hold it.
7.  Glue the end flap down and then add glue to the bottom of the rose. 
8. Here you can see two roses. The short one was a wide cut swirl while the taller one had a skinnier cut. 
9. Glue the felt roses to your wreath. 
10. Keep cutting and glueing until your wreath is covered! 

Finished product!