Eco-friendly clothing has become much more popular in the past few years.  Many brands display their “green”, “eco-friendly” or “earth-friendly” stamp on their clothing now but do you know what these labels actually mean? It’s great to want to do something good for the environment but it’s important to know what it is you’re doing!

Eco-friendly clothing is called such because of it’s renewability, source of its fibers, how it’s made into a textile, it’s carbon footprint and the working conditions of the people making the garments/material.  Generally, if an article of clothing is labeled as eco-friendly or something similar, it is free of insecticides and pesticides.  Sometimes the brand behind the clothes is supporting charities or a small business in a third world country.

Some brands have all eco-friendly clothing while some may have a separate line dedicated to that, like Victoria’s Secret.  Ask a sales person when you enter the store if they have a “green” line.  You can also use search engines like Green People or The Organic Pages to find any green product you may be looking for.

Remember, when you buy something that is eco-friendly, you are increasing the demand for that product. The greater the demand, the more companies will want to produce which can eventually lower the prices we pay to buy such products. 

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