I love “must have” posts. I’m someone who is much more likely to buy something that was recommended by a friend or blogger than what I see on TV or in an ad.  Some of my favourite items are things I was turned onto through posts just like this!  So here are some of my must have items, from clothing to makeup to home!  Some are organic or eco-friendly, some not.

Stila Smudge Pot.  This was on my wish list for a long, long time. I ended up receiving it for Christmas from my sister in law and now I wish I had bought it years ago! I love wearing black liner, pencil or liquid… this beats both! It goes on so smooth and stays put for as long as you need it to.
Scentsy (my party!).  This has replaced any candle I once used.  My favourite thing about it is all the scents that are available. There are so many that I love! Favourites inclue Honey Pear Cider, Black Raspberry Vanilla and Hazelnut Latte, mmm.  You start out buying a warmer and then buy various scents.  You put 1+ pieces in your warmer, turn it on and… your place will smell amazing!  If you love having your place smell good, please try this stuff.  It can be as strong or as subtle as you want and guess what? There’s no smoke! Did you ever wonder where candle smoke went? Um, your walls…
Mary Kay Mineral Foundation:  Mineral Foundation is one of those things every woman should try.  It is unbelievably natural looking!  Even if you’re not a makeup person, just quickly brush some of this on and you’ll be good to go.  I really like the Mary Kay one; I have their brush as well.
Bob’s Red Mill Organic Flaxseed Meal:  Okay, maybe this is a strange thing to have a “must have” list but trust me on this one.  Flaxseed is super good for you!  It’s high in fiber, helps control cholesterol and is a good source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. A little goes a long way; I add this to any smoothie I make but I also use it in baking. You can substitute it for eggs!! Some of the yummiest cookies I ever made were with flaxseed instead of eggs (or butter).
American Apparel Oversized Cotton Rib Pocket Cardigan-Unisex:  My “go to” sweater, for sure. It’s soft but still sturdy, it works with everything from jeans to skirts to dresses… I even wear it all year round! I’ve had it for exactly a year and it’s still in perfect condition.  It’s also unisex so if cardigans are your guy’s style all the better!

Green Works All-purpose Cleaner: I like to make my own cleaners but I still try to keep this one on hand. It really works on everything; I love that I can just grab it and not worry about searching for the specific product I need… this is it!  The tangerine scent is a lot nicer than most cleaning product scents, I think.  Oh and it’s eco-friendly!  

What are some of your “must haves”?