If you are thinking of making some changes to your home this year, here are some of the newest décor trends for 2011, and ways that you can incorporate them into your home.
Paint Colours:  According to top paint manufacturer, Sico, more lively paint colours are making a comeback.  Colourful hues such as deep reds and purples, vivid blues and greens, earthy golds and clays will all be popular in 2011.  We will continue to see dark brown used, as well as aqua and soft pink.  If your walls are already a neutral colour like tan, cream, or sage green, try painting one accent wall a bolder colour like coral or barn red.  Or simply bring in some pillows or a throw which has some of the newest colours in it.
Sico Paint Colour – Flamenco Red

Sico Paint Colour – Rembrandt Dusk
Another way to freshen your walls is with wallpaper.  There are so many beautiful new wallpapers to choose from, you will have no problem finding one to match your existing décor.  Papering one wall in your bedroom, entry or dining room can be a simple way to add interest and colour to your home.

Window Coverings:  Simple, relaxed, yet luxurious is the most popular style for your windows this year.  Roman blinds, roller blinds and pleated draperies with subtle patterns are all great choices.  Unexpected colours like deep purple and sheer fabrics can liven up the look.  Fabrics like faux- silk and washable linen will provide the luxurious look, while being easy to care for.
Pleated Draperies
Sheer Roman Blinds
Choose Green Materials:  Products and materials such as bronze, copper, clay, organic cotton, linen and hemp, which are eco-friendly, contribute to healthy indoor air quality and can be repurposed or recycled, will be in high demand.  Other natural textures to look for and use in your home are jute (rugs), bamboo (furniture, towels, flooring, and fabrics) and organic wool (rugs).  Hemp, which is grown without pesticides and is the strongest fibre known to man, can be found in draperies, roman blinds, bedding, pillows and table linens.
Hemp/Cotton Pillows