As I’ve said before, I read a lot of blogs. I shared a few food blogs in this post but I’d like to share a few more plus some favourite recipes of mine.  I’m a very amateur cook but I love trying new recipes and experimenting with unique ingredients.  I also try to cook a lot of healthy meals.  That said, I grew up in a household where all the women baked and so I love that as well!  These days, I try to buy organic products, avoid processed foods, eat out only once a week, eat 5-6 small meals a day (tough because I grew up doing 3 larger meals) and the only sweets in the house are generally homemade.  I think my biggest thing with cooking is that I like to know what it is in the food I’m eating; not something you get when eating out a lot. To me, homemade meals, baking from scratch, caring about the environment, shopping organically and so on all go hand in hand which is why I like to share all of those things here with you readers. 🙂

Favourite cooking blogs:
Favourite baking blogs:
Favourite recipes (at the moment)… with drool-worthy pictures!