• Decide upon a theme and color scheme.

 • Use lots of Christmas tree lights. It is  recommended that you use at least 100 lights per foot (of the tree’s height). LED lights are brighter, prettier and more energy efficient than regular mini-twinkling lights.
I prefer white lights and provide color through ornaments.

 • Lights should be your first decoration on the tree. Wraps lights around most branches starting from the outward tip, going toward the trunk, and then back out. Some people wrap lights around the trunk itself.

 • Don’t be afraid of big ornaments – big as in 8 inches wide or larger.

 • Hang big ornaments first, then place smaller ornaments around them. Think of bunching items in threes.

 • Place ornaments inside the tree, not only on branch tips. Consider laying or spreading some decorations, such as leaf and berry sprays, on branches.

 • Include ornaments that reflect light. Glass ornaments, items sprinkled with glitter, mirrored decorations and CDs are good reflectors.

 • Use decorations that fit the theme but aren’t necessarily ornaments.

 • Find a tree topper that’s as magnificent as the rest of the tree. Consider getting a topper with lights or string lights around it.

 • You don’t need a specially-made tree skirt to cover the floor beneath the tree. Some other things you could use are rugs, curtains and tablecloths to fit an individual tree’s theme and colors.

 • Be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment. Keep stepping back from the tree to see how it looks.

 • Bows can be a low-cost finishing touch, according to the tree designer handbook. Wire ribbon is the easiest to tie; velvet ribbon and fabric ribbon printed on one side are hard to tie. It takes about 2 yards to make a nice bow. Use long pliable, plastic-coated “pigtail” wire to tie bows to the tree.

 • A variety of materials can fill empty spaces and add shape to the tree. Some good options: dried baby’s breath, raffia, tulle, pine cones, holly or flowers. Bad option: eucalyptus, which is highly flammable.

Here are some felt ornament ideas from West Elm, that you could make yourself!

I also love these hand painted ornaments – hang them on your tree or give them away as gifts!

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