I love buying things that are homemade.  Not everyone is creative or has the time to make gifts but you can still give something that has that nice home made feel to it.  Etsy is a great place to shop for all things homemade but there are a lot of other websites out there as well!  I love finding new shops to buy from and introducing others to them. Try including a business card or a tag with the shops website on it so the gift receiver can buy from there in the future.

Sweet moccasins and adorable bow belts.

Engraved jewelry, tree ornaments and even things for men like wallets!

Sweet handcrafted necklaces. No two are exactly alike. 🙂

Glasses, bowls and even trays made from recycled bottles!  I think this is an especially great gift for any male.

What are your favourite online shops for homemade goods?