Here are some ways you can upcycle, recycle, be creative and save money this Christmas!

1.  Reuse old Christmas cards.  Cut off the writing side and re-use the front of the card as a postcard, card or gift tag.  I have done this for years, I never throw cards away!

2. Use fabric, magazine pages, paper from flower bouquets, or decorate your own paper for wrapping presents.
Watch this video to learn how to use fabric to wrap gifts elegantly.

When my girls were young, I would buy roll ends of paper from the local newspaper very inexpensively.  I would then roll it out on the floor and we would spend an afternoon decorating it with Christmas stamps and stencils or just free hand.  So much fun, and makes for very personalized gift wrapping!

3. Choose items that are locally made or fair trade; handmade, made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, bamboo or other sustainable woods, made from recycled paper; or containing recycled parts.

4. Make gifts yourself.  Some of my favorites are: any kind of  baking, ingredients for cookies or breads, (layered in a jar with instructions), sewn gifts (pajama pants are easy!), snack mixes like nuts, pretzels, etc, candles, soaps, playdough or clay ornaments, and jewelry.  Here are some instructions for making cinnamon dough ornaments – a great craft to do with small children!