I have a very simple DIY project to share with you all today! Inspired by bhg.com. This project is pretty kid-friendly and can be done very quickly.

You’ll need:
– paper
– glue (optional)
– scissors
– ribbon, string or ornament hook

I wanted to be eco-friendly and use up extra pieces of wrapping paper that I had leftover so what I did was glue wrapping paper together, making it double sided.  Origami paper would work really well for this, so you could try that.  You could print out your own paper or decorate plain printer paper (good idea for kids!).  Lots of options!

1. Print out (or make your own) star pattern.  Download the star pattern I used here.

2. I glued my wrapping paper together, making it double sided and a bit stronger. Here I’m just re-gluing the star points together.

3. Start folding!  I used a pen to make a very small dot in the center of the star as a guide. You want all of your folds to meet in that center spot.

4. Basically your five star points will fold outwards while the spots inbetween will fold inwards. If you use the star pattern, it has a guide for this. It’s really very simple though, I promise.

5. Keep folding, all the way around.

5. After you finish folding, pick a point to poke a hole in and use an ornament hanger, string or ribbon to hang it up. I used an ornament hanger. Target’s Christmas stuff goes on sale for 75% off after Christmas so I got a huge pack for 35 cents last year!

Voila! I made six out of various wrapping paper and hung them up on a string. It’s taped here but I’ve since replaced the tape with push pins for a cleaner look.

Here’s my Christmas tree this year!  It’s real.  I decorated with various small red and gold balls, a few random ornaments I’ve collected, candy canes, gold caged ornaments and red felt bows.  I used white lights.