Here’s a round up of some of my favourite things right now.

  • These DIY holiday lights!! These seem very simple to make and look adorable. Definitely a great eco-friendly alternative to real lights. I’m definitely making these for next year.

  • This Anthropologie scarf. It’s way out of my price range but it’s beautiful!  If I knew how to re-create it, I would. hehe
  • Free Christmas Music.  A little different from the songs you hear again and again in the mall!
  • Etsy seller vintagerenaissance‘s suitcase dog bed.  My dog is too big but I love this idea for a smaller pup!
  • No-knead chocolate bread recipe. I’m going to attempt it today! Looks delicious.
  • Another recipe, Puppy Chow. I made this for a party last weekend and the group devoured it! I’m making it again for a party tomorrow sans peanut butter this time (because I ran out). It’s super easy!
Feel free to share your favourite things and maybe they’ll make this list next time!