DIY projects can appear daunting but many can be made much simpler! Christmas is a great time for craft projects.  Here are a few ideas to get you, and your kids, started! 
  1. DIY Post Cards.  You can use any thick paper for this project. Try using card printer paper! A sweet idea, if you have kids, is to have them decorate one side of the postcard or of course, you could do that yourself.  If you have a printer, you can print your own images onto the postcard!  

  2. Hand Print Coasters.  Simply trace someones hand onto card stock and cut it it out. You can decorate it many ways but in the picture below they used fabric and double-sided stiff fusible interfacing.
3. Holiday Crackers.  These are simple to make!  Use any old cardboard toilet paper rolls and fill with candy or small toys. Cut out a rectangle shape from wrapping paper, long enough to wrap around the roll but wider than the roll itself.  Wrap it around the roll, taping it securely and then tie the ends with ribbon.  To get that great popping effect, you can purchase cracker snaps in craft stores.
4.  Bird Ornaments.   These are so cute and would be an easy project for any sewer.  Simply cut out the birds body shape and wings out of paper or cardboard. Then cut two of the body and four of the wings from fabric, leaving a bit of extra space around each piece.  There is no stuffing required so you just sew your pieces together, opposite sides facing, leaving small gaps so you can flip then right side. I think it would look cute to sew your gaps closed, ruffing up the fabric so that it looks like feathers!  I’d finish it off by sewing on a piece of ribbon to hang the birds from.
5.  Tree Pins/Ornaments.  Here’s another simple craft from Purl Bee! You could sew them like in the picture or use glue. These are made from felt. To get the tree shape, use pinking shears. In the picture they  are stuffed but that’s optional.  You can attach a safety pin to the back or a ribbon on top.
Soon I will share some of my own DIY adventures!