Bold piping
Pillows adorned with bold piping are very on trend right now. Look for a print or solid colour with a contrasting trim.  Royal colours like purple and navy work nicely during the cooler months.

Quilted beds
The quilted texture brings a warm look to any room, just right for Fall. You can follow trend using neutral shades of beige and white or much bolder colours like black. Check out this site for instructions on how to make your own quilted headboard.

Plexiglass is another upcoming trend! A great way to incorporate this material into your home is with furniture. You can buy it as is or add plexiglass to some furniture you already own, like a coffee table.  It’s a very modern, minimalist look.

Pop of colour  
Bold colours are big this Fall, especially red!  If you’re feeling adventurous, try mixing different colours within one room like a navy rug and a red couch.  Try not to go too overboard, colour should only really make up 20% of your room.

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