Halloween is a great time to get creative!  You can also be eco-friendly about it by using eco-friendly fabrics, re-working a costume you already have, using materials already in your home or buying a costume made from eco-friendly materials.  Here are a few ideas to get your imagination going!

Costume Ideas


  •  find a cardboard box you have lying around
  •  cut out the bottom of the box, two arm holes in the sides and a hole for the head
  •  dress in silver/grey tights and long sleeve top
  •  use paint to add buttons, switches, words etc
  •  after Halloween, you can recycle the box


  •  paint a cardboard box white
  •  cut out the bottom of the box, two arm holes and a hole for the head
  •  paint on dots like you find on a die
  •  dress in black or white
  •  later on, you can recycle the box
Harry Potter
  • find/make a black cape
  • add a scarf
  • use a tree branch as a wand
  • wear some thick rimmed glasses (easily found at thrift stores)
Greek God/Goddess
  • wrap an organic cotton sheet around you, toga style
  • wear sandals and gold jewelry
  • make a head piece out of real flowers instead of harmful plastic ones
  • wrap a belt or rope around your waist
Mother Nature
  • dress in shades of blue and/or green
  • sew/glue/pin on lots of leaves and flowers
  • carry around a stuffed animal or two 

More ideas…
Host a costume swap!
Rent a costume.
Buy eco-friendly accessories like these.
Buy a costume made of 100% Organic Cotton or a recycled fabric… even better if it promotes recycling!