I recently received the newest IKEA catalog in the mail and was so pleased to see that they’re making a great effort to go green! The company had adopted the motto “Low price — but not at any price” to reflect their eco-friendly ways.

Beginning August 1, IKEA Canada began to phase out all incandescent light bulbs in their stores.  They hope to have them all gone by January 1 2011 and will be the first Canadian retailer to have accomplished this.

In the U.S., IKEA plans to reclaim 90% of store waste by the end of 2009.  Currently, the store reclaims about 67%.  All new stores will have to be built to a certified green building standard!

One of IKEA’s new products is the SUNNAN Work Lamp which uses solar energy. It will charge itself with sunlight but batteries can be used as well. It uses 70% less energy and will last 25x longer than incandescent light bulbs.  Read more about Ikea’s solar lamps here.
The PLUGGIS waste basket is great for recycling. It’s made from 100% recycled PET plastic.

The IKEA 365+ RISP bed linen is 50% cotton and 50% lycocell 

“Lycocell is a renewable natural material derived from wood fibers from tree farms (which use less water than cotton farms). Also, the chemicals used in the IKEA 365+ RISP bed linen production process are recycled in a closed system to minimize environmental impact and waste.” – 2011 Ikea Catalog

The LACK bookcase was inspired by the way doors are built in factories. It’s constructed of layered sheets of wood over a honeycomb core which makes it strong, lightweight and with minimal woo content.  As a result, it’s more eco-friendly and easier to transport.

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