I made this headboard for my bed and it  was pretty easy!  I used my 100% hemp herrringbone in dark chocolate brown as the fabric -available in my etsy shop here
I wanted the cover to be removeable, so I could wash it.

The first step is figuring out the shape and size of your headboard.  I made mine the same width as my bed – 60″ for a queen, x 36″ tall.  Cut 1/2″ plywood to your size.  I rounded the corners on the top of the headboard.  Place a sheet of 2″ foam under the plywood, trace around it and cut out your foam.  I use an old electric bread knife that I bought at a Thrift store to cut foam all the time, it works great!

Next, cut batting about 4″ larger than your plywood and foam around each side,  a total of 44″ x 68″ for mine.  Cut a piece of sheeting or muslin aprox 6″ bigger around each size, at total of 48″ x 72″ for mine.  Lay your sheet down first, then the batting, then the foam, and then the plywood.

Working at a center of 1 side first, pull the sheet up over the plywood and staple.  Do the some to the opposite side and work your way to the corners, making sure everything is smooth and evenly gathered.  You want it to be tight enough that there are no wrinkles on the good side.

To make a permanent cover you would cut out your fabric a little larger than the sheet and staple it on in the same manner.  In order for my cover to be removeable, I trimmed away some of the excess fabric in the corners and sewed a seam (the same way fitted bed sheets are made)  I then sewed elastic to the ends and corners and Voila! a removeable headboard cover!  Make sure you pre-shrink your fabric before cutting it out, so that it will be washable.

To attach the headboard to the wall, I used heavy-duty mirror hangers attached to the back.  You will need someone to help you determine where to put your screws in the wall (make sure they are anchored well!)

                                                                The finished look!