Let’s face it, shopping for men is generally trickier than shopping for women. Here are a few ideas to help you out this year!

Gift Basket
Sweet and simple. You can buy a pre-filled gift basket or fill one yourself which allows you to make it very personal. You could easily fill it with great organic items like organic shaving cream.

Take the front page of the newspaper for Father’s Day the year they were born and have it framed! This works great for birthdays too.

Make specialized labels for your dad.  You could put them on just about any gift, like a water bottle or jars of sauce.

Month Clubs
There are a ton of clubs you can sign you dad up for… everything from Salsa of the Month to Hot Sauce of the Month!

If your father is into sports, you could find an autographed picture on Ebay, buy them tickets to a game or make your own puzzle perhaps using a picture of you playing a sport as a kid!

Here are some very unique gift ideas from gifts.com

Whiskey Stones.  
These clever stones will cool your drink without watering it down or scratching the glass!

Electronic Drinking Caddie.
It looks like a regulation driver but it actually dispenses drinks!

Home Soda Maker.
20 different flavours and you can control how much fizz is in your drink.  It’s actually pretty eco-friendly since you can re-use the bottle or glass you use versus buying cans all the time.

Chewbacca Life Sized Wall Decal.
Just in case your father really really loves Star Wars.