Here are a few tips to make sure your rooms are the best that they can be!

1. Get inspired.  Whether it’s a fabric that you’ve fallen in love with, a favorite picture with beautiful colours in it, or an amazing piece of art – start your room with one inspirational piece and design around it.  Choose one colour as the dominant one for the room and 1 or 2 others to support this colour.  If there are 3 colours in your “inspiration”, you colours have been chosen for you!

Picture from Eden Fabrics

2. Create conversation areas with your furniture.  Too many people make the mistake of arranging their furniture too far apart, or all against the room’s walls.  Bring it in and make sure the pieces are close enough for people to talk easily.  Also make sure that there is a place for everyone to put a glass down on a table.  Be aware that you need to also allow for traffic flow – is there enough room to walk easily to the TV?, to the windows, to an adjoining room?

Picture from 4Homes

3. Illuminate your space.  Making sure all the corners in the room are lit will make a small space seem larger.  Dimmer switches and adjustable lighting are great because they allow you to have more light when you need it and less light when you want to create a cozier atmosphere or save on electricity.  Task lighting is important – make sure there is ample reading and working light where you need it.

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4.  Use window treatments.  They will accentuate your decorating style, while adding privacy, safety and security.  Well designed window treatments add value to your home, while reducing energy costs by keeping the room warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

5.  Personalize your space.  Your rooms should reflect the personalities of the people who live in them, letting us know a little bit about you.  This will make your room unique and special.