Interested in eco-friendly swimwear? You’ve come to the right place. 🙂 Bikinis are generally made from nylon and lycra which are non biodegradable. Green bikinis are made from organic cotton, soy and bamboo-based fabrics.

by Anna Cohen. This designer’s swimsuits feature bamboo and organic cotton but are also made from leftover fabric once used to make Olympic speed skating uniforms! BTC Elements

by Triumph. Triumph was the Best Environment Management award from Austrian Industry. Their swimsuits range from $20-$60.  Triumph
by Kelly B.  One of the most popular designer for Green bikinis.  The Oko Box
by Eco Panda. No one would guess that these adorable swimsuits are made of recycled fibers!  Eco Panda

by Meadow. You can buy these swimsuits on Etsy!  Eco Chic
credit: White Apricot