Linen is generally made from flax-fibers but it can also be made of hemp or cotton. Organic linen means the linen is made from plant fibers and grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

The quality of the finished product depends on how it was grown and harvested. For the best quality (longest possible fibers) the flax is either harvested by hand by pulling up the whole plant or the stalks are cut very close to the roots. When the fibers have been separated and processed they are typically spun into yarns and made into linen textiles.  The textiles can then be bleached, dyed, printed etc.

Linen is a very strong material with 2-3 times the strength of cotton. It is very absorbent and a strong conductor of heat- it always feels cool to the touch.  It’s a lint-free fabric that also resists dirt, stains, moths and carpet beetles. It won’t pill and is smooth to the touch.  It has the ability to absorb and lose water very quickly, gaining up to 20% moisture without actually feeling damp.  Even with high temperatures, this fabric is unlikely to shrink making it simple to clean (dry cleaned, machine washed or steamed).  It’s a very easy fabric to take care of!

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Linen is used to make all sorts of things like tablecloths, napkins, wallpaper, shower curtains, luggage, shoes, clothing, roman shades, curtains, upholstery, bedding and tea towels.

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