5 Fun Ways to Fold Napkins Part I

The Pyramid Napkin Fold

Lay the napkin down flat with the tag side facing up. 
Fold it in half diagonally and then turn it so that the point is facing directly away from you.  

Fold the right end up to meet the far corner, ensuring the edge of this new fold lays on the centerline as shown.  
 Repeat this step with the left side.  
Next, flip the napkin over.
 Fold the napkin in half, corner to corner, creating a triangle shape.  
 Finally, fold the napkin along the seam and… voila!
Basic Silverware Napkin Fold
Lay your napkin down flat and fold it in half, leaving the open ends facing you. 
 Fold the napkin into quarters, the open end now facing away and to the left of you.  
Fold it in half, diagonally this time.  
Flip it upside down so that the open corner now faces away and to the right of you.  
Fold the right side over about 1/3 of the way.
Repeat on the left side. Flip it over and insert your utincels. 🙂