“Organic cotton is grown on land that is certified to be free from any pesticide, insecticide  and defoliants for at least three years. The farmers maintain their crops using time-old methods of crop rotation, cover crops, beneficial insects and human labor (not to mention organic fertilizers) to care for their plants. This not only assures them safer working conditions but also safer products for those who enjoy them.”Organic-Fair-trade website

Organic curtains are one of many ways to put organic cotton to good use in your home. And after purchasing some organic curtains, why not have some fun with the hardware?  Curtain rods and tie-backs come in all sorts of materials and designs so ditch the plain and go with something a little different! The possibilities are endless.

1. Urban Outfitters  2. Anthropologie  3. Urban Outfitters  4. Target  5. walmart  6. Target  7. JC Penney  8. Overstock.com  9,10. wroughtironhaven.com 11. thriftyfun.com

Check out Thrifty Fun to find out how to make your own curtain tie backs!