How to Care for Your Roman Shades

These instructions are included with every roman shade purchase.

All window coverings should be vacuumed frequently. Use a hand-held low suction vacuum.

To dust, use a soft, clean cloth or duster.

Removal of blinds for hand washing or dry cleaning:

Stapled blinds

undo the screws and remove the entire blind.

Blinds attached with Velcro

Lower your shade. Undo the knots or shade levelers at the bottom of each row and carefully pull out the strings from the rings all the way to the top. Gently pull the blind away from the velcro. After washing, re-string the blind by attaching to the velcro, then passing the strings down thru all the rings and re-knot in a square knot at the bottom ring. If you don’t want to have to re-string your blind, remove the entire blind from the window.

Hand-wash in large tub with mild detergent and cold water or spot clean. Hang to dry. May be ironed with hot iron in between horizontal rows. Blinds may shrink if washed in warm or hot water

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