Pure Wool Bed Pillows

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Premium, pure wool bed pillows

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100% pure, organic, wool bed pillows, hand-crafted in our studio.

Our unique, loose, wool knop fill provides the ultimate in support, comfort and correct neck alignment. Conforming easily to accommodate side, back and stomach sleepers, our wool knops ensure correct head support and spinal alignment regardless of the sleeping position. With wool’s unique moisture control properties, dampness in the neck area is eliminated, greatly reducing problems with neck stiffness and joint pain.

Our zippered cover provides easy laundering and, by removal or addition of wool fill, further adjustment for individual sleeping preferences.

Cover: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton

A zipper opening allows you to remove the wool periodically for re-fluffing and washing the cover.

Sizes: standard – 20″x26″ (.75kg), queen – 20″x30″ (1 kg), king – 20″x36″ (1.25 kg)

Extra wool knops (.2 kg) may be purchased if you want your pillow to be firmer.

Easy to care for! Any time you want to re-fluff your pillow, simply place the pillow in the dryer with a damp terry towel. Tumble dry for 5-8 minutes.

Our Wool Knop Pillow will provide you with the ultimate in customized comfort and support!

Two choices –
1. Hand-wash entire pillow in warm water and mild detergent. Gently squeeze. Rinse and spin in washing machine to remove excess water. Place in dryer on hot for 5 minutes. Remove and allow to air dry.
2. Unzip cover, pour loose wool fill into large bag. Machine-wash and dry as you would regular cotton sheets. Refill and use.

We also sell wool pillow inserts here

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2 reviews for Pure Wool Bed Pillows

  1. Kate Joy

    We have had our new king sized wool pillows made by Nikki Designs for about a month now. Their was no expected transition accommodation from our old pillows, the wool pillows seem to simply form to your head and neck. They also do not get hot and make you want to flip them over. I like how you simply fluff them up and sink into the softness yet they still support your neck well. We love our new pillows and recommend them for anyone who has gone through a million pillows as we have. You won’t be disappointed!

  2. ann metcalfe

    I ordered a new king sized wool pillow from Nikki Designs back in November 2020. I ordered it for my husband as he tends to sweat a lot on his pillows. I am pleased to say that it worked for him . . . so I tried it for a week and went back to Nikki Designs and ordered another one for myself as I found it so comfortable. To add to the comfort, I also purchased king sized linen pillow cases. We are more than happy with these products and definitely recommend them.

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