Pure Wool Pillow Forms

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Premium pure wool and organic cotton pillow forms, made in Canada!

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Hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly, soft and organic pillow forms!

Hand-crafted in our studio, these pillow inserts are made from 100% pure carded wool and 100% certified organic cotton covers.

The covers have a small zipper opening to allow for the fill to be removed when you want to wash the cover.  This also allow you to re-fluff the wool once in a while if necessary.

Please allow 2-4 weeks production time.

Wool is often called the miracle fibre – a wonderful insulator, excellent at moisture control, naturally flame resistant, highly resilient. For thousands of years man has had a beneficial relationship with this unique fibre, but only in more recent times has science discovered why wool is such a miracle fibre and why it is the perfect choice for bedding products. The secret is in each wool fibre.

Moisture Control
The core of each wool fibre is very absorbent – up to 30% of its weight in moisture. By comparison cotton absorbs 8% and most synthetics as low as 2% – in fact wool is the most hydrophilic (able to absorb moisture) of all natural fibres.

Natural Flame Resistance
Wool is made of keratin (an animal protein found in hair and nails ) and this, combined with the moisture content the wool has absorbed, requires a higher temperature to ignite than other natural and manmade fibres.

Naturally Non Allergenic
Dust mites – a leading cause of allergies – prefer a damp, not dry location, and the scales which cover each wool fibre help further create an inhospitable environment.

Learn more about wool here

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4 reviews for Pure Wool Pillow Forms

  1. Pedro Cibavicius

    I was looking for decorative pillow inserts that were of a high quality material, not stuffed with synthetics or feathers. Impossible to find at the larger retailers even if they specialize in organic cotton beddings and regular pillows for sleeping. Then I found Nikki on Etsy. The pillows are made of the highest quality materials, filled with ecowool, and are of top level workmanship and attention to detail, in addition to being made in any size desired. I am very happy with the pillows and know exactly where to turn to when I need more.

  2. JoAnna Pepe

    Nikki was easy to work with. The quality of her work is excellent. I am very pleased with the pillow inserts.

  3. Rachel Court

    Excellent product and service! So pleased it is Canadian. Wouldn’t hesitate to order again.

  4. Jennifer Rapkins (verified owner)

    These pillows are amazing! Nikki was a pleasure to work with, everything arrived in excellent timing and in great shape. The quality is excellent. Plus LOVE supporting Canadians! I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you!

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