Merino Wool Waffle Baby Blanket

$ 59.00

Blankets made from pure, soft Merino Wool



Soft and cuddly waffle weave baby and toddler blankets, made from fine micron merino wool.

With its exclusive custom design, hypo-allergenic properties and the cool warmth of wool, your baby will be wrapped in luxury and comfort.

Pure organic wool is never itchy, even on delicate infant skin, making it ideal for wrapping and calming fussy babies.

Wool disperses moisture, so baby feels dry even when wet.

These blankets are breathable, odour resistant, dust mite resistant and fire resistant. The dyes used are all natural.

Made in the USA – by Noblefibers. All NobleFiber’s Mills products are produced using ECO Wool and ECO certified yarns. All mill factory electricity is produced using hydropower.

Size: 30” x 40” (80 cm x 105 cm)

Care: Wool is easier to take care of then you may think. Unless you actually get it soiled and dirty, it stays clean on its own! It doesn’t absorb smells and is naturally water repellent. You can spot clean by rinsing the area in lukewarm water. When necessary, hand wash gently with a mild detergent using cold or lukewarm water. Gently squeeze out the water, then roll it in a towel and press out excess water. Lay flat or hang to dry.

Shipped within 3 business days.

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