Custom Draperies by NikkiDesigns

How to order your custom draperies:


1. Choose a fabric

All our in-stock fabrics for draperies can be found here  

Local customers can arrange for an in-home consultation by contacting us.

Fabric samples may be viewed and/or purchased here.

If you wish to use a different fabric, please provide the fabric company name, fabric name and colour, and we will let you know if we can supply that fabric. Most of our fabric suppliers can be found here.

2. Choose a style

Rod Pocket Top (3″ pocket) or Flat Top (can be hung from rings or rings with clips).  We also make pleated, tab top and grommet styles.

3. Purchase your drapery hardware

Purchase your drapery hardware and install it.  If you live locally, we can supply your drapery hardware for you.

4. Amount of panels

Decide whether you want 1 panel or 2 for your window.

5. Measure

Measure the width and length you want for your drapery panel(s). Drapery flat panel widths come in 50″, 75″, 100″or 150″.  If you provide the length of your pole between the finials, we will figure out the panel widths that you need.
For length, please measure from the top of the pole to your finished desired length for pocket style, or from the bottom of the ring to the finished desired length for flat top style or pleated styles.

6. Lined or unlined

Decide whether you want your curtains lined or unlined. 

7. Type of lining

Decide on which type of lining you prefer: regular lining (privacy), dim-out lining or black-out lining

8. Details of order

Contact us and with the details of your order. We will respond within 48 hours with a quote. We will then send you an invoice for payment and schedule the job once payment is made. Please allow 4-8 weeks production time, depending on how busy we are.

If you want your curtains to be washable, please let us know.

You may copy and paste this list to send to

  1. fabric – name and colour
  2. style – pocket top or flat top
  3. number of panels
  4. panel width – 50″, 75″, 100″
  5. panel length
  6. lined or unlined
  7. type of lining and colour