Custom Roman Shades

At NikkiDesigns, we have been making custom roman shades for over 25 years.  We make our shades in our studio, one-at-a-time, using high-quality fabrics and systems designed for ease-of-use and longevity.

Soft Roman Shades offer a timeless, classic look that works well on almost any size window and in any decor.

Roman Shade Styles:

Relaxed Roman Shades
Relaxed Roman Shades offer a more casual look, with a soft curve at the bottom. Although fully functional, this style is best for when you don’t need to raise and lower your shade every day. 
Classic, or Tailored Roman Shades, have a timeless design with great functionality. Sewn with horizontal seams with “pockets” in the back, they have removable rods which keep the folds straight when you are opening and closing the shade. This style also stacks very neatly when open.
Flat Roman Shades
Flat Roman Shades are similar to Classic, but without the horizontal seams. This style is best suited to printed fabrics (as the pattern is not interrupted) and offers a very clean look.

View the different roman shade styles here

Both the Classic and Flat Style roman shades have the option of TDBU (top-down-bottom-up) for when you want your shades to lower or raise for total flexibility of view.

Find out how to measure for your roman shades here

View all our current fabric choices for our classic roman shades here

View all our current fabric choices for our relaxed roman shades here

To order your shades, please contact us with the following information and we will provide you with a quote within 48 hours:

  1. roman shade style
  2. width x length
  3. desired fabric and colour
  4. desired lining (or no lining)
  5. inside mount or outside mount
  6. standard cord lock with strings or continuous chain system
  7. string or chain side – right or left (when facing shade)
  8. bottom up or top-down-bottom-up (for classic styles)