Last month I signed up to receive a Concious Box after reading that the contents would all be vegan (not always the case). It is normally $19 a month but I got it for a bit less during a deal. Conscious Box is a monthly delivery of earth-friendly products. You can sign up for 1, 3 or 6 months as well as give it as a gift. The 3 and 6 month plans give you a nice discount.


This is a great way to discover new brands as well as get a good deal on what you receive.  There are generally  and the products are always 100% vegetarian and not tested on animals. Also,  if you participate on their Facebook page, you can receive a free bonus product in your next Conscious Box!

The box you receive is 100% recycled, uses ink from vegetables, uses wind power, is BPA free and eco-friendly.

Here is a look at the Conscious Box I received.  Click any image to enlarge it!

 As you can see, you receive quite a few items including full size ones! And a nice mix of edible, beauty and other items.

 These are interesting! The flavour is really tasty! I like them a lot.

 I haven’t tried this yet but seems like something useful to have on hand.
I was excited to get this! I’ve been wanting to try a Yummy Earth lollipop because they are all natural.
This is liquid coffee extract…interesting! It is fair trade which I really like. You just add it to water, same as you would instant coffee powder.

I like having this sort of thing in the house for days where you just don’t manage to get your dose of veggies and fruit. They are a good backup to have and easy to use on the go. I can’t speak for the taste as I haven’t tried them yet but the ingredients list is impressive!

Looking forward to planting these!

These are very tasty! I liked them a lot.

These are also really yummy! I just ate them plain.

The ingredients list on this looks good…a face cream using olive oil!

Almost which I had a cold so I could try this out hehe

 The box also included some coupons. Oddly, some are coupons for products that weren’t in the box but I guess that gives you an excuse to try even more products.

 What do you think?

Overall, I’m happy with what I received and will definitely use everything. $19 is a bit steep to me when I live somewhere that has soo many natural food stores within 15 miles because I could buy these or similar products on my own. That said, I do think it’s a great service and would recommend it!

Conscious Box currently ships in the US only but will be open to Canada and Europe soon!