This is the last Eco-Emi box review I have! I cancelled back in December but still had one more month that was already paid for. I will say, overall, I have been very happy with my Eco Emi boxes! I have felt each one has been worth $10.

It came in a blue velvet bag with tissue paper and snowflakes. It was 80F out here that day so the snowflakes made me giggle!
I received 9 items! I love that you get a bit of everything, it’s not just food or just beauty etc.
Sprouted organic Quinoa by Tru Roots. I am a big fan of quinoa and always keep it the house. I have not tried it sprouted but am very interested. I had been looking into sprouted foods recently, actually. I’m going to try soaking them so they keep all of their nutrients!
Organic Hand Purifier by Dr. Clean Green. It smells mainly like cinnamon and lemongrass. Sort of an odd combination but it smells good, very “herbal-like”.  This comes out as a foam and it did make my hands a bit sticky which I always find to be the case with foam hand sanitizers. It’s in my purse though and I do plan on using it all up. I definitely like it better than those dollar store type ones!
Lip Tint by J.R Watkins. This is a tinted lip balm. I don’t own any tinted lip balms but now I’m wondering why that is because I really like the amount of color pay off this gives. I wear a lot of bright lip colors so this is a nice, more subtle look that I don’t need a mirror to apply.  It’s minty fresh but doesn’t taste like anything.  Overall, I really like this but it does contain beeswax.
Organic Eyeliner in black brown by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques.. I was excited to get this! It is vegan. I’ve been wanting a black/brown eyeliner that can give the eyes a very natural look and this does just that. It is definitely not a dramatic eye liner. You can see that it does rub off some but not completely. I’ve worn this a few times already and while it does go on fairly light, it doesn’t run or smudge!
Grapefruit Seed & Orange Peel Liquid Laundry detergent by Biokleen.  I’m always happy to try out some more natural, organic laundry detergent!  I haven’t tried this yet but the scent sounds nice.
Organic Fair Trade Coconut Oil by Kelapo. It comes from Sri Lanka. I have coconut oil and am a big fan so this will definitely get used, whether it is for cooking or my hair/skin.
Honeydew Spearmint lotion by Deep Steep. I loved the Deep Steep foot lotion sample I got last time so I have high hopes for this! It contains organic herbal extracts blended with organic oils, butters and vitamins.
Herbal tea by TeaGschwendner Marant. This even came with two tea throw away tea bags to use- cute! These are really tasty! The fruit one has actual pieces of fruit in it! My husband loves them too. So, I think we’re going to buy some loose leaf tea, whether it is this brand or another.
Endangered Species lip balm by Merry Hempsters. Yes, another lip balm. And it does contain beeswax. That said, as far as lip balms go…this one is amazing. It is truly very moisturizing!  I got the scent lavender orange and while I don’t like the smell of lavender this does smell quite nice. It is USDA certified organic.