I wrote about Eco Emi back in this post and said I was on the wait list to subscribe. Well, I received my first box last month! I was very impressed and am excited to receive another one this month. Here is a look at what I got:

Inside the shipping box, the items were packaged in a re-useable makeup bag. Eco-emi often uses reuseable bags with their packaging which I love! I’m trying to do that with Christmas presents this year. I will say, I was surprised how small the package was but once I started opening it, I realized a lot of items were wrapped together…and there were a ton of products!!
I wasn’t going to keep this for myself because it contains beeswax but… the cute packaging and shimmer drew me in. I really like this balm. The shimmer and tint is subtle but nice. It wears nicely and is very smooth. Most importantly, it is moisturizing.
I haven’t tried these yet, I’m saving them for when I’m on vacation in a few weeks because they are travel size. I’m excited to try them though!
I ate this right up! I was surprised to learn it was vegan but very happy. It was delicious! ¬†Expensive to order online but if I see it in store, I’ll buy it.
I haven’t used this yet. Again, saving it for vacation. I need a good foot cream though so fingers crossed that this is just that.
I included my finger in the shot so you can get idea of the sizes here. There is a mineral eyeshadow is a natural gold which I really like. It’s very wearable. Then there is a clay mask. I love clay masks! It smells quite strong but it’s a good smell. I’ve used it a few times now with good results. The hand cream smells quite strong when first applied but quickly fades. I love where and how it is made (see below). It absorbs quickly and is moisturizing.
This spray can be used for anything…I tried wearing it like a perfume but the smell just wasn’t strong enough. If you don’t like to wear perfume normally you may prefer this. I do like it for spraying my bed sheets though.
This pin is so cute! It says “hug me”. I attached it to one of my purses.
Here are more details on each product:
click to enlarge
Overall, I am really happy with the box. There was a lot of samples and they will all last a while. I felt like there was a really nice mix of products too. I went online to further research each product but they all interested me, so that’s a good sign.