Eco Emi December box. To see what I received in my November box, go here. Eco-Emi is a subscription service where you receive a box of eco-friendly goodies each month for $15. You can sign up here!

This time it came in a box which I was able to re-use when wrapping someone’s Christmas present. I appreciate that they didn’t put a logo or anything on the box, making it easy to re-use. 🙂
a look at everything. They always include product info which usually has a coupon!
I haven’t tried this yet but am looking forward to! We are almost done with our very large jug of laundry detergent and once it’s empty I am wanting to switch to something more natural and organic.
Cute! I’ve been wearing these a fair bit. Very warm and comfortable, even for my big feet! They are thicker than my other socks. I love that these are hand knit by a family in the US.
Organic candy cane! I have been wanting to place an order with this store. I’m eating this tonight!
This candle smells SO good. Someone is going to find it in with their Christmas gifts this year, someone who I think will love it! I was tempted to keep it but I rarely use candles now that I have Scentsy.
 I have tried a vitamin c chew before from a different brand and was not a fan so I was a bit apprehensive to try this. Unfortunately…I did not like this one either. It was SO sweet. It also had a gritty texture which I also found with the other brand I tried. My husband doesn’t love them but he has been eating them so at least they aren’t going to waste. It has a good dose of Vitamin C in it but I’ll stick to my oranges for now.
I haven’t tried this yet but am SO excited to! It is right up my alley. I love nut butters. This is a chocolate coconut butter…and it’s raw! I try to eat a lot of raw foods/meals because they are so nutrient rich. I’m taking this on my vacation to WA State in a week. I’ll probably eat it with an apple!
I decided to keep this for myself. It applies a bit streaky but evens out. The brush it like a makeup brush which is kind of different but nice and soft on the lips. I really like this lip gloss! The colour is subtle and universally flattering but you do see it. It’s not overly sticky or thick either. swatches below:
 This is another one I’m regifting. I’m sure it’s quite nice but I received a balm last month that I kept. Neither that one or this one are vegan so I don’t want to keep both.

I’m bringing this on my WA trip as well! Great travel sizes. I’m really excited to try these. John Masters Organic is VERY strict in their organic/vegan guidelines.

Overall, very happy with this box yet again. I think Eco-Emi does a great job of selecting brands that I am eager to learn more about as well as a wide variety of products.

That said, I did cancel my subscription. I really enjoyed the products both months but as a vegan I really prefer to not use products that contain animal ingredients which some of the Eco-Emi products do. I do find that a lot of them are vegan though which is so awesome. My main reason for doing it is part of my 2012 resolution; I am cutting back on online shopping (more on that to come!) as well as many other things in an effort to be more eco-friendly.  So, I cancelled all my subscriptions not because of the products themselves but because I don’t want to contribute to carbon footprint that comes from shipping deliveries for the next year. That said, I highly recommend Eco-Emi! I might have one more box coming in January, not sure, if I do I’ll review that one too.