Lollihop is a subscription service where can sign up to receive a box full of super healthy snacks! You can subscribe monthly and pause it at any time (or, of course, cancel). The regular snack box is $18.95 a month and will contain at least 8 snacks.

Lollihop takes the time to interview every company behind the items they choose. They also check all the ingredients to make sure they are organic and minimally processed. How great is that?? It’s what we should all do when buying snacks but in this case, they do the work for us!  So you know your box will be full of good for you snacks that you can eat guilt-free.

In November, they had a special vegan box for $22.50 which I signed up for. It was a one time thing but starting in January it will be available monthly just like their regular box.  I received mine today, so let’s take a look!

Welcome message and info.
This months box focused on grains. There’s the list of what I received!

the bars: Bumble Bar organic sesame bar in Chunky Cherry, Naturals Antioxidant bar chewy granola, gnu foods flavor & fiber banana walnut bar and Larabar in Cashew Cookie.

other: Linwoods flax seed, Somersaults chewy nuggets in pacific sea salt & Bella Viva cherries.

the chips: Food Should Taste Good sweet potato and blue corn chips & Popcorners in sea salt.
YUM. I’m excited for all of this. I’ve had Larabars and love them (easy to make yourself too!). I’ve seen those chips in stores but haven’t tried them; I love healthier chips especially now that I’m vegan and many potato chips contain milk. I love bars so those are great! I already ate the cherries and they were good, no added ingredients at all. I already add flaxseed to a lot of things but I like that the pack also has goji berries. I received 10 items total.
So what do you think? Originally, I wasn’t sure this was something I’d do more than once but now I’m thinking I might.   I think my husband will really enjoy this.  If only they shipped overseas, it’d be PERFECT for deployed military members!! They NEED healthy snacks. I am lucky enough to live near some healthier stores like Sprouts and Trader Joes but I know not everyone is.