Nice looking shoes, right?
They’re made from Eco-fi, a high-quality polyester made from 95% PET plastic bottles! One shoe equals roughly 8 water bottles.  Is that not so cool?  I spotted an ad for these in the November issue of Whole Living and immediately wanted to know more!
From the website According to Dave Rowell, Executive Vice President of Sales for Foss Manufacturing, the company that produces the recycled fabric, the only real difference between Eco-fi polyester and the polyester common to most apparel and home furnishings is the use of post-consumer plastic bottles during the manufacturing process. “Potentially, anything made out of polyester can be made out of Eco-fi polyester,” said Dave. “It actually has a higher strength than most of the polyester you’d find in your clothes.” Chemically and functionally, Eco-fi has the same, if not higher, level of performance as fabric made from virgin materials..

Eco-fi is 10% lighter than cotton and keeps out cold better than nylon or wool!  I am loving not only the concept but the overall look of these shoes. They sell for $94.99 on the New Balance site.