I recently discovered the Sseko sandals and am in love! I haven’t purchased a pair but am seriously considering it. $49 is more than I’d normally spend on sandals but these are so customizable! Plus I live in San Diego where people are in sandals a ton. Here is how the website describes their wonderful sandals:

The base of the sandals are hand made from genuine leather. Every pair of sandals comes with a pair of straps. The base of the sandals, regardless of the pattern or color of the strap you choose, are made the same. Each sandal has five anchor points to loop the straps through that allow you to tie your sandals differently everyday! 

Basically, you buy one pair and you can add any straps to it. I’m thinking, why not make some of your own straps? The options would be endless! That said, their straps are only $8-$10 so totally reasonable.

I really like this style of sandals as it can be dressed up or down and flatters all ages. But look at all the other ways these can be styled!

Best part is that these shoes are made by young women at the Cornerstone Leadership Academy in Uganda! They are employed by Sseko Designs after graduating secondary school so that they can earn money towards their university education! What an amazing idea in a place where it is is SO hard for women to earn enough money to afford a higher education. You can meet the class of 2011 here. 🙂